GM negotiating with Facebook to resume paid ads image

General Motors and Facebook are negotiating the return of the automaker as a paid advertiser, eight months after GM stopped running ads on the social networking website.

Alan Batey, GM’s interim marketing chief, said at the Detroit motor show that discussions with Facebook officials were ongoing though the automaker had no announcement to make on this matter.

„We’re still actively talking to them and looking at opportunities that come our way. I wouldn’t tell you that there’s a Mexican standoff here. We just didn’t see the value,” Batey told Reuters. In May 2012, three days before Facebook’s IPO, GM said it was dropping paid ads on the website as they had little impact on consumers.

GM has previously disclosed that it spent about $40 million on its Facebook presence, of which only $10 million was paid to Facebook for advertising. The rest of the money covers the creation of content and the advertising and media agencies involved.

Last summer sources said the two companies were discussing GM’s return and Facebook offered to provide GM with data showing the effectiveness of the paid ads. General Motors also said that it would not advertise on CBS during the 2013 Super Bowl because the ad spots were overpriced.