GM overstated fuel economy stickers may extend even further, report says image

The number of affected vehicles on General Motors mileage misprint may extend to 2 million cars, according to Consumer Reports.

General Motors told some of its dealers last week to stop selling some 60,000 units of model-year 2016 Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave large crossovers, as the window-labels with the EPA fuel economy ratings show 1-2 miles per gallon higher values than they should have. However, this inadvertency seems to affect a far great number of GM’s cars. Consumer Report said it studied its own fuel economy data and the official figures from the Environmental Protection Agency and it found that mileage readings on those crossovers and also on the discontinued Saturn Outlook may have been wrong for years. According to the magazine, the newer models could not be so technically different from the earlier ones, all sharing the same platform, and after GM updates the labels for the 2016 crossovers, the 2007-2015 models will show better fuel-economy data.

As an example, the 2015 Acadia all-wheel-drive version has 19 mpg for city/highway cycle, while the updated mileage figure for the 2016 models says 17 mpg. GM started to rectify the misprint over the last weekend and it should have finish the job on May 17. It remains to be seen if fines and complaints follow this misprint issue, considering the fact that Hyundai and Ford paid heavily for a similar situation in 2014.

Via Consumer Reports