GM owners shop new models as they turn in for recall fixes image

Once more, just like it happened in May, last month brought a surprise to analysts – General Motors – plagued by the ongoing recall crisis – managed to post a positive sales result.

While many are the reasons for the fact, a key element is the “young” line-up the No.1 US automaker boasts. And, just as the carmaker has exceeded in just six months its previous recall record, and even the previous US recall record, the dealers are happy that GM owners are coming to service their recalled cars.

“You bring in a 2007 Saturn with 140,000 miles on it, we’re certainly prepared and ready to do the recall,” said one Chevrolet dealership owner in Buffalo, New York. “The next thing you know, the consumer is in the showroom, saying, ‘Boy, oh boy, that Cruze looks sharp.’”

“The hardest part of selling is getting people in the door,” said Jesse Toprak, an analyst with researcher “Multiply that by millions of recalls and that’s a lot of people coming to the dealership.”

While riding the wave of the US total recall figure of 25.7 million cars (so far), General Motors is able to profit from the fact – in stark contrast to what happened to Toyota back when it was fighting the unintended acceleration crisis – in June the automaker’s grasp of the US auto market soared to 18.8% – from the January figure of 16.9%.

Via Bloomberg