The alliance between GM, Opel and Peugeot will be analyzed by the German federal cartel office to decide its effect on car part suppliers.

This is the Phase II or the second examination, and it could take up to three months until it is completed. A spokesman for the cartel office said that this second examination was necessary as the initial review which lasted only one month was not enough to analyze the effects the alliance would have on a broad number of parts suppliers.

“The Bundeskartellamt explicitly stated that the continued review process did not mean that they see any competition law issues,” a GM spokesman said, referring to the cartel office. “The process could take as long as the end of September, but the companies will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities to allow the Bundeskartellamt to reach a decision earlier”.

In February Gm and Peugeot said that they estimated this alliance will bring annual savings of at least $2 billion, shared equally between the two companies in the following five years from the purchase of the joint venture and logistics and the joint development and production of vehicles and parts.


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