GM Plans to Have Eight Cars With 40 Mpg on the US Roads by 2017 image

GM said it plans to have around 8 vehicles on the US roads with 40 mpg on highway by 2017, part of its strategy to reduce CO2 emissions and boost fuel economy.

Currently GM has four vehicles which offer at least 40 mpg highway and the automaker plans to double the number by 2017. The automaker’s target is to cut CO2 emissions by 15% by 2016 and reduce Opel/Vauxhall CO2 emissions in Europe by 27% by 2020.

“Sustainability is not only a key part of how GM is shifting from a good to great company, it is about the leadership and innovation that can transform the auto industry, ” GM Chairman and CEO Dan Akerson.

Sustainable strategies help GM save money which can be invested in other areas, such as new technologies. The automaker said it has managed to reduce the energy used to build a vehicle by 7% since 2010, reaching energy costs savings of $66 million.GM plans to have 500,000 electric, plug-in and hybrid vehicles on the US roads by 2017.

In 2012 GM had on the road 179,801 vehicles with some form of electrification, compared with 48,108 vehicles in 2011. GM was the only car maker among 40 important corporations in the US, which signed earlier this year a climate declaration with Ceres, a business advocacy organization, which pushes governments to address climate change by cutting CO2 emissions and using clean energy.

Source: The Detroit News