GM Plans to Reduce Energy Costs by 25% in the US by 2018 image

GM will be included in a U.S. Department of Energy program aimed at reducing energy costs at 25 of its US plants.

By using this program the automaker will be able to reduce energy use at its US plants by 25% or even more by 2018. DOE created the Better Buildings, Better Plants program in collaboration with industry partners, and it is aimed at reaching greater energy efficiency in the country’s industrial sector.

“We continue to prove the business case for better energy management,” said Al Hildreth, General Motors corporate energy manager. “Spreading the word about these benefits and sharing best practices with like-minded organizations will go far in reducing our nation’s energy consumption, and working with the DOE and EPA ENERGY STAR® enhances this effort.”

The program offers assistance, as well as solutions to enhance energy efficiency. Kathleen Hogan, deputy assistant secretary for energy efficiency, U.S. Department of Energy, said that being part of this program, GM will create new manufacturing jobs, save billions in energy costs, help protect the environment and strengthen the US economic competitiveness. After a 4-day compressed air training event presented buy DOE, workers at the Fairfax Assembly have already found cost saving solutions totaling more than $200,000 annually.