GM recall investigation builds up to more than 2 million pages image

General Motors, under investigation from the US Congress, has so far turned up over 2 million pages to the House committee investigators.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee is investigating the No.1 US automaker for the mishandling of a recall of 2.6 million cars equipped with defective ignition switches, linked so far to at least 13 deaths. This is not the only federal investigation the company faces, as it also has to address a victims’ fund and further possible lawsuits from discontent owners.

Late last month, the chairman of the House committee, Fred Upton, said GM so far turned to investigators around 1 million pages of documents, but this month the tally jumped to over 2 million.

Upton has also commented on the future changes to the auto safety legislation, adding that any bill would be written only after the Congress concludes GM’s pending investigation.

“There was a major screwup and the culture has to change,” Upton said of GM’s failure. “And more than just one guy. The storm flags should have been flying a lot earlier.”

A Senate panel plans another GM hearing on the ignition crisis for July 17, with the legislators worried that GM’s sudden recall spree was triggered by the knowledge of other hidden defects. The company so far recalled close to 26 million cars in the US alone and 29 million worldwide.