GM recall problems are far from over image

Recently, with the number of recalls coming from the No.1 US automaker, insiders hinted the company is ready to put the safety issues into the past – but many others warn that General Motors missteps are not over yet.

The latest recall tally for the year put the service campaigns issued by GM at 67 – with a total close to 30 million vehicles. Actually, GM single handedly broke the record of the largest recall in the US (and that was for a full year and for all automakers!).

So, how could a recall mishap that claimed the lives of 19 innocent people, led to the firing of 15 employees from the company and to no less than four congressional hearings be in the rear mirror?!

So far, the administrator of the victims compensation fund – outside attorney Ken Feinberg – has received no less than 131 death claims – ten times the official number GM acknowledged until this week.

“This is nowhere close to being in the rear-view mirror,” said Warren Browne, a former GM executive. “In the context of ‘is this over,’ no, the journey is still long.”

The open ended victims’ fund is – with each new tally increase – a huge hit on GMs reputation. It reminds people that the senate subcommittees were right when trashing the floor with GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The first for a decade long cover-up (many still wonder if top execs’ really didn’t know a thing!) and the latter for a near inexistent oversight.