GM recall: top spokesman rehired image

As it faces a mounting public relations crisis in relation to the way it handled the recall for the defective ignition switch in 2.6 million cars, the No. 1 US automaker decided to call back a former top spokesman.

General Motors, which is surrounding itself now with many new aids in order to fight back the mounting pressure from litigations and probes from federal authorities on the recall, has moved to summon back its top spokesman that voiced the company’s opinion during the bankruptcy process.

Steve Harris was first rumored to come back to GM through a Wall Street Journal report, has been brought back for a limited time, according to GM spokesman Greg Martin.

“We continue to draw from a variety of expertise to help guide our response to the ignition switch recall,” Martin said in a statement. “Steve Harris’ deep background with GM and proven experience will be of great help to us during this period of time.”

Harris returns just in time, as less than a month ago, Selim Bingol, the senior vice president for global communications and public policy was announced to leave the company – with no permanent replacement named.

Harris previous work with GM dates back from 1999 through 2003, serving again as top spokesman from 2006 to 2009 as the automaker went into the government designed bankruptcy and emerged as a “new” company.

Via Reuters