GM recall total passes 20 million cars image

Since February, when it first started the recall of the defective ignition switch equipped cars, the No.1 US automaker has been under intense scrutiny over its safety issues.

That, besides the numerous federal probes (five of them, only one settled with record $35 million fine), the lawsuits and congressional hearings, has led GM to intensely look over each model it has to find “hidden” and overlooked flaws.

“A certain amount of people inside GM knew this issue existed and their assumption was it’s a pain, it’s not a death sentence, it’s just an annoyance,” said Karl Brauer, a senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book, about the ignition switch defect.

This has led to an incredible spree of recalls, which by far exceeds the company’s previous negative record – set in 2004 – of 10.7 million-vehicle recalls, according to the figures from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

While we’re only in June, with the latest batch of recalls – 500,000 units of the Camaro muscle car on Friday and several models on Monday, totaling 3.36 million cars, the automaker has exceeded the 20 million vehicles mark – which is by far outnumbering the seasonally adjusted rate forecasted for the entire year – of 16.77 million vehicles.

Tomorrow, GM’s CEO Mary Barra and Anton Valukas, the attorney in charge of the outside internal investigation, are set to appear before Congress to address unresolved questions about the late acting on the recall.

Via Bloomberg