General Motors has issued a safety campaign for some small Chevrolet vehicles because drivers may forget to take the key out of the ignition.

You are wondering how could anyone may forget to take the key out when exiting the car. Well, GM and NHTSA want to prevent such a “liability”. The automaker has decided that certain 2013-2016 Chevrolet Spark, Sonic, and Trax vehicles fitted with a Bring Your Own Media audio system may not comply with US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard for “Theft protection and rollaway prevention.” The issue seems to be with the radio software which may not give an audible warning chime when the driver, after turning off the ignition and leaving the key there, waits for 10 minutes or longer to open the door.

There is also the possibility for the system not to alert again the driver when he opens the door, hears a chime, leaves the key in the ignition, closes the door, and subsequently opens it a second time more than 20 seconds later. If the key is left inside, there is evidently a chance that the car may by stolen. There are 317,572 models targeted by the recall in the United States and about 44,000 vehicles in China, for which dealers will update the radio software.

General Motors agreed to monthly meetings and enhanced oversight in 2014 and was fined 35 million dollars by NHTSA over its delayed response to the ignition switch defect. The US regulators will frequently check on GM over its potential safety issues until May 2017.


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