GM Recalls – Representing attorney says 5,000 people have died in ignition switch issue image

The attorney who is representing plaintiffs suing GM says that as many as 5, 000 people have died in the ignition switch issue.

Everyone who is occasionally reading the automotive news knows that General Motors has recalled a few million cars since the beginning of this year because of the ignition switch issue and it seems that while the North American based automotive giant is trying to “cover up” its tracks, Bob Hilliard, the Texas attorney who represents the plaintiffs suing the company, says that as many as 5,000 people have died because of this problem.

“There’s no way to ever prove that number definitively. It’s my subjective belief”, said Bob Hilliard.

Greg Martin, the General Motors spokesman, said that the company is aware of “only” 13 fatalities related to the faulty ignition switch and GM will disclose the number of people who have went through their compensation program once this will be completed. Hilliard is stating that the 5,000 people dying in the ignition switch issue include the passengers in other vehicles involved in these kinds of accidents. The attorney will be discussing the issue on Thursday, at 5 p.m., on a special edition of The Willis Report.

Source: Fox Business