OnStar announced the start of what it calls responsible connectivity, in fact a major overhaul of the company’s operations.

Details — including an introduction date and fees — are being finalized, but the new-generation OnStar should allow drivers to do such things as update Facebook status and listen to text messages read aloud while driving.
The idea is to compete directly with Ford Motor’s popular Sync system

“You can argue that we haven’t marketed it, we haven’t advertised it, we haven’t communicated it,” said Micky Bly, executive director of GM’s hybrids, electric vehicles, batteries and infotainment. “That communication starts today.”

Even with better marketing and new technology, OnStar faces hurdles. The safety-and-security brand hopes to convince regulators it can offer voice-activated Facebook and messaging access safely.

“I don’t think we’re at all engaging in activities that are going to make it worse,” he said. “We’re absolutely engaging in activities that will make things better.”


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