GM reopens business in Egypt image

Along German chemicals firm BASF, General Motors reopened its business in the African country on Sunday.

The U.S. carmaker, which halted operations on Thursday, decided to reopen its production plant in 6th October City, 32 km outside of Cairo, as well as its Cairo office, although it was still monitoring the situation carefully.

Other international firms said they were open again, with security staff monitoring events closely at production sites mostly some distance from the central Cairo flashpoints. For example, Electrolux, the world’s second-biggest home appliances maker with nearly 7,000 employees in Egypt, suspended production in Egypt on Wednesday due to the unstable security situation. Now, the Swedish company, with around 10 production facilities on the outskirts of Cairo, said it was assessing developments continuously and operations would partly resume on Monday. Alongside GM, BASF, which halted production on Thursday, also said its offices in Alexandria and Cairo and a plant in Sadat City 94 km from Cairo were up and running again since yesterday.

More than 700 people have died in Egypt, most of them backers of ousted president Mohamed Mursi, in four days of violence during which the army-backed government launched a fierce crackdown on his supporters.