GM report says auto industry not sustainable image

According to the most recent edition of General Motors’ corporate environmental and sustainability study, in the current form its’ conducting the business, the automotive industry is unsustainable.

According to the report, GM, but also its competitors would need to endure fundamental changes to almost all sectors of their business, from basic technology to the one keeping today’s cars “connected”, putting at the forefront the environmental issues.

“People care about more than the cars,” said GM CEO Mary Barra in the report’s covering letter. “They care how we build them, and how we engage with the world around us. This knowledge, and the discipline that flows from it, is transforming our approach to product design, manufacturing, safety, quality, the environment, customer care and a host of other areas at a remarkable pace,” Barra added.

The No.1 US automaker has been under heavy criticism for a corporate culture that puts cost savings in front of safety and the environment, and is now embarking on a long journey to restructure the global business and portfolio, refresh manufacturing and even go into unexpected collaborations.

“Climate change, energy security, and congestion challenge our environment and our industry, but we see value in the disruption,” said Mike Robinson, vice president, GM Sustainability and Global Regulatory Affairs. “We are reimagining transportation using a long-term, customer-centric approach.”

GM has new partnerships with traditional rival Honda – building together fuel cell systems and technology – or nongovernmental organizations like the BlueGreen Alliance, Union of Concerned Scientists, World Wildlife Fund and Ceres. It’s also weighing heavy on connectivity, as it just introduced to its first vehicles the 4G LTE wireless service through the OnStar subsidiary.