GM report searched for new lawsuit evidence image

With the biggest automaker in the US still grappling with the ripple effects of the 2.6 million cars recall stemmed from a defective ignition switch, the lawyers for the victims and families are gathering more evidence for the lawsuits to come.

One of the bigger problems of the ignition switch mishandling – besides the sum of federal probes and the inherent negative publicity – is the mounting number of lawsuits, filed by discontent clients and, more importantly, by victims of accidents and mourning families.

The 325-page internal report released Thursday by CEO Mary Barra – which detailed the findings of an investigation that sought to unravel the handling of faulty ignition switches – could now turn into more evidence against the automaker, as plaintiffs’ lawyers have started to analyze thoroughly the document.

Although the report is not expected by anyone to reveal a “smoking gun” – that would prove a turning point for the litigations – the lawyers do expect several details to be revealed. For example, the review now provides names of company employees – from engineers to lawyers – which failed at an individual level and painted a broad image of collective negligence, although the report did point out there was “no conspiracy by the corporation to cover up the facts.”

Via Reuters