GM Reports Record Sales in China for January image

GM’s January sales in China were up 26% to 310, 765 units for the first time in this country.

GM and its JVs in China sold 310,765 vehicles in January, an increase of 26% compared with the same period last year and 15.9% up from the previous all-time monthly high of 268,035 vehicles in January 2011. Shanghai GM sold 154,220 units last month, up 24.3%, while and SAIC-GM-Wuling sold 151,819 vehicles, up 26.6%. Demand for FAW-GM’s products was up 84.5% to 4,490 units.

Buick sold 86,509 vehicles in China, up 21.7%, its best-selling cars being the Excelle passenger car lineup which sold 30,264 units, up 5.5%. The Excelle XT and the GT saw an increase of 19.7% to 23,694 units, while the Encore SUV sold 7,881 units during its first January on the market.

Chevrolet sold 66,141 vehicles, an increase of 21.6%, the most popular model being the Cruze which sold 24,477 units, up 7.8%, followed by the Sail family with 21,866 units sold, up 21%. Cadillac’s luxury vehicles totaled 144,801 units, up 35.9%, with the Hong Guang as the best-selling model, up 158.9% to 47,765 units, followed by the Sunshine with 45,733 units.