The US company clarified that it asked in a New York court filling to only dismiss the lawsuits which ask monetary compensation for just owning one of the recalled cars in the 2.6 million vehicles equipped with the defective ignition switch.

General Motors noted in its request to Judge Robert Gerber it’s asking to dismiss lawsuits in accordance with its bankruptcy clauses that allow it to shed prior 2009 liability from the “old” GM. The automaker wants the judge to dismiss the suits, which involve owners asking for money for simply driving the cars.

“As your honor may be aware, numerous lawsuits have been filed across the country against New GM, ” according to documents. “New GM believes that the ignition switch actions assert claims against new GM that are ‘retained liabilities’ of Old GM and therefore violate your honor’s July 5, 2009 order.”

The automaker further noted it’s not asking to stop litigations involving “an accident or incident causing personal injury, loss of life or property damage.”

“General Motors has taken responsibility for its actions and will keep doing so,” the company said in a statement. “GM has also acknowledged that it has civic and legal obligations relating to injuries that may relate to recalled vehicles, and it has retained Kenneth Feinberg to advise the company what options may be available to deal with those obligations.”

As GM came under fire for asking court protection from litigations, also because the company has not yet officially committed to establishing any victims fund for the victims injured or killed in the recalled cars.


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