GM says self-driving vehicles will arrive by 2020 image

The American automotive giant General Motors has announced on Sunday that self-driving vehicles could hit the showrooms by the end of the decade, focusing only on passenger safety.

The vice president of the Research and Global Development Department within General Motors, Alan Taub, says that we will have self-driving cars on the roads by 2020 because the technology is already here and vehicles nowadays have sensors, radars, portable communication systems, video cameras, GPS and digital maps and once all of these have been place together, we don’t need a driver in the car.

“The technologies we’re developing will provide an added convenience by partially or even completely taking over the driving duties. The primary goal, though, is safety. Future generation safety systems will eliminate the crash altogether by interceding on behalf of drivers before they’re even aware of a hazardous situation”, said Alan Taub.

Volkswagen may be the first automaker to implement the latest technologies onto its vehicles after the German based manufacturer has announced the testing of a self-driving car.