Michael Millikin, the chief lawyer for General Motors, admitted that under his watch some employees from his department failed to do their job. The statement is in relation to the scandalous recall of 2.6 million cars equipped with flawed ignition switches.

Millikin, who is expected tomorrow to be grilled by the US lawmakers during a Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation subcommittee hearing, joins GM CEO Mary Barra and Delphi Automotive CEO Rodney O’Neal in testifying about the mishandling of a deadly safety flaw that has so far been linked to 54 crashes and at least 13 deaths.

“We had lawyers at GM who didn’t do their jobs; didn’t do what was expected of them,” Millikin said in his written testimony. “Those lawyers are no longer with the company.”

Since February, when news of the recall broke – new evidence pointed out that GM’s employees had known about the problem for years. The ignition-switch defect related hearings before the US congress started on April 1. The fourth hearing, to be held tomorrow, is expected to be the most thorough to date. Besides the aforementioned executives there will be questions also for Kenneth Feinberg, the outside lawyer hired by GM to oversee its victims compensation fund and Anton Valukas, the outside counsel that conducted an extensive in-house review of the company on the matter.

Via Bloomberg


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