GM sent recall notices to fatal victims’ families image

Looks like General Motors still has a long way from learning its lesson. After the long overdue recall of 2.6 million cars equipped with defective ignition switches turned into a huge public scandal, the company keeps making PR mistakes.

The latest is both stupid and appalling, as the company yesterday had to apologize to the families of accident victims because they were erroneously notified to take their cars into dealerships to have the defective ignition switches replaced.

“We are deeply sorry to those families who received a recall notice, ” said GM spokesman Greg Martin.

The No.1 US automaker has since February issued a recall for 2.6 million cars – with several models among them – that have defective ignition switches, which can cause the car to cut engine power mid-driving, loosing critical safety systems in the process. Some families who had loved ones die in fatal crashes have since complained that GM sent them notices to have their cars repaired.

While General Motors considers the linked tally of accidents (47) to have only 13 deaths, federal regulators, safety advocates and victims families consider the total loss of lives to exceed the automaker’s count – with various reports counting the fatalities to be in the high two-digit number at least.

Via Reuters