GM Settled to Close Line at Oshawa Plant by June 2013 image

Friday, June 1st, GM confirmed its plan to close the consolidated assembly from Oshawa assembly plant in Ontario in about a year, making 2,000 employees lose their jobs.

The line currently produces the Chevrolet Impala generation and the Chevrolet Equinox. GM will gradually eliminate the three shifts within a year, starting with the third shift in the fourth quarter of 2012. GM also declared that the factory had to be closed since 2008, but the addition of the Equinox and the demand for the Impala extended production.

“It is too early to predict accurately the job impacts related to these scheduling actions which will unfold over the next year as some employees may elect to retire and others will be on indefinite layoff,” GM Canada communications manager Adria MacKenzie said in a statement.

The second shift will be eliminated in the first quarter of 2013, and the line will be shut down completely in June 2013, along with the production for the Impala. CAW Local 222 will hold a conference on Friday, June 8th, to discuss GM’s decision. The Canadian Auto Workers Union will begin negotiations with GM this summer for a new three-year contract.