GM shuts down Shreveport plant by summer of 2012 image

General Motors announced that until June 2012 it plans to close its assembly and stamping plants in Shreveport, stated a Union representative today.

The plants once employed approximately 3, 000 workers, but now it counts only 950 employees, working only in one shift, with frequent stops due to inventory pilling up. They manufacture components for Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups, along with the Hummer H3 and H3T pickup.

Doug Ebey, the president of United Auto Workers Local 2166, stated that according to the documents filed last week by the company in bankruptcy court, the plants are “not going to be part of the new General Motors when it emerges from bankruptcy.”

The Shreveport assembly plant was considered one of the most modern GM plants, especially after $1.5 billion investments during past years. Buts its main products, the Hummers, suffered a rapid depreciation due to ever higher fuel prices, economic crisis and company’s decreasing trend.

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