GM slow on ignition switch repair image

Here’s another news that ads to General Motors way of… generally mishandling the issues around the ignition switch defect – of the February recalled cars – 2.6 million units that is – only 154, 731 have been repaired so far.

The numbers come from a very trustworthy source – yes, not GM – but a memo released by the congressional investigators that are probing the automaker. Since February, the automaker has started recalling cars equipped with a defective ignition switch – among the models the most prominent being the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion. Since then, with the cars linked to at least 50 accidents and 13 deaths, the company has been dragged into a huge public scandal – with probes revealing that officials knew about the problem for at least 11 years.

According to a House Energy and Commerce Committee statement the company has so far supplied dealerships globally with 396,253 repair kits, while only 154,731 cars of the initial batch of 2.59 million cars were serviced so far. Gm also upped the tally on ignition switch related recalls with a 3.36 million recall for models in the 2000-2014 model years on Monday, though the automaker said in the latter case there would only be a small modification to the key itself, and not a parts change.

Via Bloomberg