GM stock falls on Morgan Stanley lower rating image

Morgan Stanley decided to downgrade General Motors as it considers expectation on profit margins are now too high – which in turn triggered a share prices slide that took the company to its lowest in at least nine months.

Analyst Adam Jonas took GM’s shares to “underweight”, which made the Gm shares go down by 2.6% at New York’s stock exchange close – with a price of $33.62 – the lowest since last June. Meanwhile, GM’s stock was also affected as the company and its female CEO address the consequences of the company’s recall on the defective ignition switch – the stock in 2014 fell no less than 18%.

“GM will need to muster every bit of its financial and technological resources to make the transition to advanced powertrains, connected vehicles and, ultimately, autonomous cars,” Jonas wrote. “A peaking core US market adds a near term challenge.”

Today, in-car technology has become a crucial point of interest to no less than 39% of buyers, which is now more than twice the 14% traditionalists who look at performance figures – from consumption to power and acceleration.
Jonas also said in its note that GM and all of its rivals will face many obstacles as the auto industry is set to jump to several technological advances that would ultimately usher a new and completely changed sector.

Via Bloomberg