Today, July 1st, GM has stopped production at its Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center, which was opened in 1942.

The automaker has announced in January its plans to close the plant, forcing all the 343 employees into an earlier retirement or to change their work environment.

“All production will be done by the end of this weekend. There will be a few people trickling in and out to get things wrapped up, but the hourly folks will be out of there and in their new positions wherever they transfer to by July 1,” said Bob Wheeler, manufacturing communications manager for GM.

The good part is that none of the workers were left without jobs, and the work from the Weld Tool Center will be transferred to the Parma plant, Ohio. Around 100 employees chose to retire instead of being relocated, while the rest of them chose to continue work and were already moved to the Parma plant. Although learning a new job and the commute which has tripled in time, is tough for the workers, they are thankful to have a job.

“I am very happy that the UAW and General Motors gave us the opportunity to have a job somewhere else instead of just putting us out on the street,” said Andy Weinrauch – a 58-year-old Flushing resident.



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