GM switch designer involved in latest 3.36 million recall image

This year at GM has been defined by the safety crisis related to the defective ignition witch – and the troubles are not over, as the automaker just found more models equipped with the faulty part.

After on Friday the US carmaker recalled around 500, 000 of the new Chevrolet Camaro for a problem that relates to the February 2.6 million cars recall – with the ignition switch potentially being jolted out of the “Run” position, yesterday the company raised the total of cars affected by the problem by more than 3 million, essentially more than doubling the cars affected by the flawed design.

More so, the company has identified the same engineer – Ray DeGiorgio – as the company official in charge of the design for the latest batch of recalled cars. The total of cars with defective ignition switches now stands at 5.95 million units. The midsize and full size cars cover model years 2000 through 2014 and includes the Buick LaCrosse, Chevrolet Impala, Cadillac DeVille and several other models.

“The use of a key with a hole, rather than a slotted key, addresses the concern of unintended key rotation due to a jarring road event, such as striking a pothole or crossing railroad tracks,” said the automaker about the latest batch of cars.

Because of a recall tally that so far has greatly exceeded the last such “record” of the automaker, dating back from 2004, General Motors charges that are related to recalls have gone to $2 billion, including a $700 million one for the second quarter – which was previously forecast at $400 million.

Via Reuters