GM to advise Pontiac, Saab owners against having front passengers image

The largest US automaker, General Motors, plans to rally to Toyota’s request to disallow front rides in certain car models, affected by the recall campaigns stemming from the defective Takata airbag inflators.

GM has been widely panned for its recall record this year – which has been triggered by the decade-late safety campaign of 2.6 million cars equipped with defective ignition switches. As if having to deal with its own problems (quite a few if you come across a recall campaign count) was not enough, the Detroit carmaker also has to cope with the other recall scandal of 2014 – the Takata inflators’ debacle.

In a move mirroring Toyota advice for owners of certain US cars, General Motors plans to send “as soon as possible” overnight letters that would advise Pontiac Vibe and Saab 9-2X hatchback customers not to let people ride in front of the car. “We are treating this urgently,” says Alan Adler, a spokesman for Detroit-based GM.

The two models were built in conjunction with Toyota and Subaru – the Vibe with the first in a factory in California and the Saab model with the latter. The spokesperson said that only people who own 2003 and 2004 Vibes and live in high-humidity areas, including South Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Guam, will be issued the warning.

Via Bloomberg