GM to build next-gen Camaro in Michigan instead of Canada image

The next-generation Chevrolet Camaro will be built in Lansing, Michigan instead of Oshawa, Ontario, GM announced on Wednesday.

“Production of the current generation Chevrolet Camaro will continue on the flexible manufacturing line at Oshawa Assembly until the end of the current product lifecycle”, reads GM’s press release, with the future Camaro will be produced in Lansing, Michigan. The move will not go down well with GM’s workers in Oshawa, where unemployment has risen over the last decade.

“It’s too early to accurately predict what any employment impact might be,” GM Canada spokeswoman Faye Roberts was quoted as saying by Reuters. She added the decision was made to improve efficiency and reduce capital investment.

The reason for this decision is that Camaro is the only rear-wheel drive-vehicle built in Oshawa, while the Lansing Grand River plant already makes rear-wheel-drive Cadillacs. GM did not say when the new Camaro will be launched. This autumn, GM Canada workers signed a new contract with the promise of new shifts and an extended life for the assembly line in Oshawa. When the deal was announced, union leaders said they expected that no one with seniority would be on layoff at GM by the end of the contract.

A third shift will be added to the Oshawa plant in early 2013 to assemble the next generation of the Chevrolet Impala.