GM might create a technology development center in Roswell at a recently purchased former UPS facility.

If GM creates the technology development center it would mean 1, 000 new jobs in the region. After scouting several East Coast cities and metro Atlanta, GM decided to purchase the Innoplex facility from UPS, in Roswell. Three people with knowledge of the issue said that the move will most likely be announced in early January. The company refused to comment on the ‘rumor or speculation.’

On Thursday, December 20th, UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg confirmed that GM bought the Sandy Springs company property at the end of last week. UPS purchased the facility in the late 1990s to use it for technology development work, but it moved out two years ago. If the plan succeeds GM will bring high-paying jobs, a shift in Georgia’s workforce, mainly based on agriculture and manufacturing.

Georgia is struggling to recover from the recession and signs of rebound have begun to show up. State officials said that in November the jobless rate fell to its lowest level in almost 4 years. This deal would be one of the biggest deals in the region so far this year. In February Caterpillar announced it will build a $200 million plant in Athens, which will bring almost 1,400 jobs.



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