GM to Close Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center Near Flint image

GM plans to restructure operations at three plants and close the Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center in order to cut costs.

Yesterday, January 17th, GM told its Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center employees that they will be transferred to the Warren Technical Center, the Flint Tool & Die plant or Parma, Ohio, Metal Center near Cleveland. The Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center currently employs 28 salaried and 315 hourly workers. The automaker said that it will close the 1.7-million-square-foot center by July 1st, with no plans to sell the building, but with possible alternative uses for it.

“This does reduce costs for General Motors in the long run,” said spokesman Tom Wickham. “The other operations can pick up that work.”

When opened in 1942, the Grand Blanc Weld Tool Center was a tank manufacturing facility for the US army. The plant manufactured Pershing and Sherman tanks for the WWII action and Patton tanks used during the Korean War. Over the past years the plant has manufactured machines to be used in other facilities for assembling the Chevrolet Sonic, Criuze, Volt, the Buick Regal and other models.

Closing the center is another hit for the Flint region, which once was GM’s epicenter for manufacturing. More than 10 years ago, the automaker also closed its Buick City campus, which is offered for sale.