GM to Close Opel Plant in Bochum in 2016 image

GM announced it will stop production at the Opel plant in Bochum, western Germany in 2016.

“Management announced that there will be no more auto production after 2016,” said works committee chief Rainer Einenkel, adding that a final decision will be taken today, December 10th.

The Bochum plant was built in 1962 and it currently has 3,000 employees. The plant, which manufactures the Opel Zafira model, has been long targeted to be closed as GM tries to deal with surplus capacity in Europe. In June, GM announced the Bochum plant will manufacture vehicles until the end of the Zafira’s production run, at the end of 2016.

Opel has three other plants in Germany located in Rüsselsheim, near Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern, western Germany and Eisenach, central Germany. Wednesday, December 5th, Einenkel announced the Bochum plant will return to shorter work shifts due to weak demand for the Zafira model in the European market.

In recent years, Opel has shut a factory in Belgium, a commercial van plant in Portugal and car manufacturing in its Luton, England facility. Last month Dan Akerson announced its workers in Germany he will not sell its loss-making Opel, nor close and leave it.