In order to forge a better relationship and work closer and more openly with its partner companies, General Motors has started an initiative that would see it strategically working with its supply base.

Called the Strategic Supplier Engagement, the program would, among other “goodies”, offer better access to senior GM purchasing executives, common strategic planning and even training to those who rate high on a number of areas GM sees as key – from cost reduction to technology synergy.

“It’s a framework for how we want to work with suppliers and strengthen our relationship with them to become the customer of choice,” said GM purchasing chief Grace Lieblein.

Lieblein should outline the plan during a conference call between GM and around 400 of GM’s largest suppliers, which represent around 90% of the company’s global supply base.

Still, not all suppliers will qualify for the program, as GM set standards for “prime” suppliers, which need to achieve high ratings on specific terms set by the US automaker. Still, according to Lieblein, GM would work with those who don’t qualify, counseling them on how to improve performance for the next assessment round.

Via Automotive News Europe


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