GM to Develop 200-Mile Range Electric Vehicle image

GM CEO Dan Akerson said that the automaker is working on developing an EV with a range of 200 miles (322 kilometers).

“There will be breakthroughs in battery technology, they’re on the horizon, ” Akerson said. “We’re actually developing a car today which is really anathema to the way the auto industry works: We’re running a dual play on the technology to see which one will succeed. One will result in a 100-mile range, the other will be a 200-mile range.”

Akerson also reminded reporters of GM’s plan to have around 500,000 vehicles with some form of electrification by 2017, including the Chevrolet Volt, which can reach 38 miles on battery power. He also added that car makers which can reduce vehicle weight by 10%, could also reduce fuel consumption by 6.5%.

This year, GM will bring out a diesel version of the compact Chevrolet Cruze and an all-electric version of the Chevrolet Spark subcompact, the first two out of 20 new models the company plans to introduce in the US. In 2012, GM’s sales in the US increased 3.7%, under the industrywide gain of 13%, therefore the company’s shares dropped to 17.9%, the lowest level since 1924.