General Motors is in high hopes for an electric car that can get a battery of up to 200-mile range on single charge. GM is backing a company that can make it possible.

This news has been given by Dan Akerson, the CEO of General Motors. In an employee meet, Akerson stated that a small battery company is working for GM to develop a powerful lithium-ion battery. This battery can have capability to store more energy as compared to what the current batteries possess. He cleared his statement saying that the battery can cover at least 100 miles per charge or could lead further to as much as 200 miles. He added that they have got a better than 50-50 chance to develop a car which possibly can run 200 miles on single charge. That would be a game changer.

As far as GM’s current electric car is concerned, Chevrolet Volt, it can cover around 35 miles on single charge before it’s backed-up by the gasoline engine. On the other hand, the Tesla S promises to offer 300 miles per charge, but it becomes another story due to much larger battery that makes the car much more expensive.

GM’s Chevy Volt seems to have received more popularity and sales due to the backup gasoline engine as compared to the all-electric cars like Nissan Leaf. GM has already invested a total of $7 million since 2011 for developing this new set of batteries. This contract for developing such powerful battery is given to Envia Systems, Newark, California. Akerson in his statement has commented on Envia saying these little companies come out of nowhere and they surprise you.

“We are aware of the comments that were reported regarding Envia and a relationship with GM beyond GM’s investment in Envia. It should not
come as a surprise that Envia’s world-record 400 Wh/kg technology is being sought after by automotive companies around the world.

However, Envia has not yet made final decisions regarding business arrangements and there is nothing to announce at this time. Even though Envia is a participant in the fast-growing battery market, as is evident from contemporary examples, it is difficult to build a profitable battery company without leap forward technology and a robust business model.
Envia is still an exciting young company with laser-like focus on its technology and engineering.” , Atul Kapadia Envia Systems CEO said.


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