Opel announced today, April 24th, that GM plans to invest 230 million euro in new facilities at its Russelsheim R&D center.

The investment at the Ruesselsheim headquarters will be made in the following three or four years and will add new facilities, which will help Opel continue developing its new generation of engines, besides other projects.

“This significant investment gives us perspective for the next decade and assure the future of Opel’s development center,” Opel Chief Executive Karl-Thomas Neumann said.

The news comes several weeks after GM announced it will invest 4 billion euro in its European operations by 2016 to add new models, increase market share and restore profit in the region. Most part of the investment will be focused on the development of 23 vehicles and 13 engines, which will help the automaker break even in Europe by mid-decade, according to CEO Dan Akerson.

“In Rüsselsheim, we’ll in the future also build engines and gearboxes for Europe and the whole world which gives us global responsibility in the development in engine technology,” Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann said in a statement.

Analysts view GM’s investments as a proof that the automaker is decided to help and keep Opel afloat, despite its poor performance in Europe over the past years.

Source: dw.de


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