GM to launch all future cars from new platform – Cruze now available in India image

Today, GM announced that all its future products in India will be designed on the new generation platform and introduced Chevrolet Cruze, the first car built on the platform in the country.

The company today launched its premium sedan Chevrolet Cruze under its commitment to roll out ‘exciting’ products in India after the emergence from bankruptcy in June.

“Cruze is the first product from our third generation 300 -series platform. Although our existing models will continue from the current platforms, all our future products in India will come out from this new platform,” General Motors India President and Managing Director Karl Slym told reporters here.

The second car from the 300-series would be the mini car Beat, to be launched by early next year, he added.

“After that we will launch a smaller car than Cruze, like that of Aveo, from this new platform,” Slym said, adding the new car similar to its existing sedan Aveo would be unveiled in the next 18 months.

The company has developed the Cruze in Germany, but it received inputs from all of its R&D teams across the globe.

“When three months ago new GM was born, we committed to build new and exciting cars for all our markets. Cruze is part of that commitment,” Slym said.

GM slipped into bankruptcy in June this year and came out of it in the same month after getting support from the US government.

When asked how many units of Cruze the company is aiming to sell, GM India Vice-President (Marketing and Sales) Ankush Arora said: “The size of the segment, where Cruze will be present, is about 3,500-4,000 units a month. In the initial months, we are targeting to sell 800-1,000 units of Cruze, which is expected to be stabilised at 500-600 units later.”