GM to Name Alan Batey Chevrolet’s Global Head image

GM is expected to name Alan Batey the new Chevrolet global head.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Englishman Alan Batey, the automaker’s US sales chief, will be assigned by the end of this week as Chevrolet’s global head, to boost the car maker’s growth in all the 140 markets where it sells its vehicles.

“As our business transforms, we’ll make necessary organizational adjustments to maximize our growth,” said Chevrolet spokesman Mike Albano.

It’s been months since CEO Dan Akerson has been signaling his plans to name a Chevrolet global leader, part of his plan to create clear accountability for the company’s worldwide growth. Last year, in a similar move, he named Bob Ferguson as global vice president of Cadillac, one of GM’s global brand, besides Chevrolet.

During the first quarter, Chevrolet sold a record 1.18 million vehicles, accounting for the automaker’s 10th consecutive quarter of record worldwide sales. From January to May, the automaker’s US sales increased 5%, but in Europe sales dropped 31%. At the end of last week, Chevrolet announced that Susan Docherty, the brand’s sales head in Europe, will leave GM by September.

Batey, 50, joined Chevrolet in 2010 as its head of U.S. sales and service, becoming vice president of U.S. sales and service in June 2012 and then GM’s interim global chief marketing officer since July 2012.

Source: Autonews