GM to shift some of the truck production from Mexico to Flint image

General Motors soon plans to bring back to the US some of the light-duty pickup production from its plant in Silao, Mexico.

There has been a lot of “political” scrutiny on the biggest automakers in the United States, over their intentions to move some of their production to Mexico to cut costs, especially on smaller vehicles that do not return much profit. However, it appears that General Motors is planning on a reverse move, according to a memo sent by the local labour union in Flint to its members. “Pulling this work out of Mexico satisfies our customers that want vehicles built in the United States and allows Silao, which is located on a shipping port, to increase volume of other models that are easily exported around the world,” the letter said. US’s biggest automaker will reportedly start making some of the full-size Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups in its assembly plant in Flint, Michigan.

As the demand for such vehicles is growing, the UAW Local 598 said the plant would need more workers and it would add extra shifts next year. “For those members who like to work they can work as many Saturdays as they want earning an extra $12k to $15k next year.” This is not a surprising move at all, considering the fact that GM announced in August last year an 877-million-dollar investment for a new body shop and improvements of assembly lines in Flint, the company’s oldest North American manufacturing plant.

Via The Detroit Bureau