GM to Triple Cadillac Sales in China by 2015 image

GM plans to more than triple sales of Cadillac vehicles in China by 2015, after the company named a new global leader for the brand.

GM plans to sell more than 100, 000 Cadillac vehicles in China in 2015, after it sold exactly 30,010 units last year. This week the automaker began manufacturing the Cadillac XTS at a plant in Shanghai, while the plant in Oshawa, Ontario started production for this model in 2012, to be sold in North America. The XTS sedan hit showrooms in the US in mid-2012.

In October, GM named Bob Ferguson vice president for global Cadillac, and his main responsibility is to boost Cadillac’s reputation in China. The automaker also plans to launch the compact Cadillac ATS in the Asian market.

“We haven’t had the product we would’ve liked to have had,” said GM China President Bob Socia. “Even with the limited portfolio we have right now the dealers are willing to make the investment because they see the potential for the brand.”

Last year GM added 90 dealers in China reaching a total of 150 Cadillac dealers, and plans to add 100 more in the following two years. Although German brands currently dominate the luxury segment in China, Ferguson is confident that customers will embrace American luxury.