The global product development chief of the No.1 US automaker – Mark Reuss – has finally put to rest ongoing speculation about Cadillac’s move to bring a new top of the range model to the market.

The high ranking General Motors official confirmed the luxury brand will unveil the new car – which should take design cues from the beautiful Ciel and Elmiraj concepts – late in 2015.

“What we do there has got to be a symbol of excellence, ” Reuss said during a media event. “This is a car that Cadillac needs that will define this brand in terms of innovation and excellence.”

Cadillac has been mulling such a flagship model for many years, although reports state the development team has had many problems in selecting the right incarnation for the “halo” car – a conventional sedan, a coupe or even a crossover. The news now generally favors the traditional sedan approach, even as many sources say the Elmiraj Coupe Concept unveiled to media acclaim during the 2013 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance will have a major influence over the design. The new flagship, when unveiled, should slot above the current top offering – the XTS – a model most likely very close to retirement. It’s one of the last proponents of a front-wheel-drive architecture, a design that Cadillac looks set to abandon.


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