The US automaker announced over the course of the weekend that versions across the Cadillac CTS model-range need to be pulled out of the sales roster.

The move was triggered by the company’s inability to come with a fix for the cars that were recalled in June in relation to the ignition switch problems. In the affected Cadillacs, the ignition switch can be turned to the “off” position if the driver bumps the ignition key with his knee. The engine would then stall, causing power loss for critical safety systems like the airbags or the power brakes.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provided details on complaints about the incidents that triggered the June 30 recall, also citing at least three “accidents” when GM employees had the occurrences in 2012 CTSs. GM documents released by the NHTSA show the stop sale order affects around 554,000 Cadillacs in the United States – the 2003-2014 CTS and 2004-2006 SRX.

GM spokesman Alan Adler said the order “is still in effect for the foreseeable future,” as GM staff is “looking at one common solution, but they don’t have it yet.”

The US automaker has so far recalled nearly 30 million cars this year after the ignition switch scandal triggered a massive safety campaign. Also, the problems for GM’s ignition switch run very deep, as almost 15 million cars involve switch-related issues. The company has so far linked the faulty part to at least 16 fatalities.

Via Reuters


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