GM Upgrades the 2013 Volt Due to a Control System Problem image

GM announced it will upgrade the software on more than 4, 000 Chevrolet Volt 2013 model due to a glitch that could cause the electric motor to shut down.

GM said that this problem will affect only customers that use the delayed charging function, which allows them to recharge the car at certain times.

“There has been a problem with some of the 2013 Volts mysteriously turning off the electric motor while driving. Apparently the steering and brakes will still work, but you have to safely coast to a stop, turn the car off and then power it up again 2-5 minutes later,” told a GM advisor to a Volt owner, who received the call concerning this issue.

GM confirmed that it has sent letter on Friday, October 19th, by FedEx to all 4,000 owners to inform them about the problem. GM spokeswoman Michele Malcho assured owners that the glitch could only affect those who used the delayed charging option and said that no injuries or crashes were reported due to this issue.

In the letter GM said that it had received several reports according to which owners complained that their Volt’s electric motor has temporarily stopped working due to an issue related to the delayed time and rate charge mode. The company asked owners to bring their cars to any Chevy dealer to have their vehicle’s control system re-flashed.