GM wants a bigger slice of the US pick up truck market image

Ready to reveal its new mid-sized trucks, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month, General Motors is also pushing for a three-truck strategy.

GM North America President Mark Reuss said the sales start of the Colorado and Canyon early next year will give GM a great advantage as it leverages an entry in each of the three main segments occupied by the U.S. pickup truck market. GM will have a mid-sized truck, a full-sized or standard-sized pick up and a new heavy-duty pick up.

GM’s competitors in the light truck segment, Ford, Ram, Toyota or Nissan, lack the broad line-up. Ford and Ram, GM’s main rivals, have both standard and heavy-duty pickups trucks but no mid-sized pickup. Toyota and Nissan, on the other hand, have standard-sized pickup trucks and mid-sized trucks, but no heavy-duty trucks.The three-truck strategy will allow GM to fight all competitors and reach further markets where it has the potential to gain share, Reuss added.

Ram also expects to continue to see rising sales in both the standard and heavy-duty markets, according to Reid Bigland, who chiefs the Ram brand and the Chrysler Group. The sales start of the diesel-powered version of the standard Ram, which just won the coveted “Truck of Texas” award will help Ram pick up even more market share, he said.

Via The Detroit Bureau