GM Wants .Buick and .Chevy as Internet Domain Names image

GM wants instead of .com and .org to have .Buick and .Chevy as top-level Internet domain names, but withdrew applications for .Cadillac, .GMC and .Chevrolet.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which is a nonprofit that coordinates domain names on the Internet, has received hundreds of applications for top-level domains from various automakers and firms. Many requested their own generic top-level domains, with Chrysler seeking .Chrysler, .Jeep, .Mopar, .Ram and .SRT.

“The new domains create a connected digital presence and personalized brand experience for customers and other business partners and simplify Internet user navigation to information about Chrysler products and services,” said Chrysler.

Ford wants .Ford. and .Lincoln, Toyota looks for .Toyota and .Lexus, BMW seeks .BMW and .Mini, Nissan wants .Nissan, .Datsun and .Infiniti, Fiat has applied for Fiat, .Maserati and .Ferrari, Tata wants .TataMotors, Jaguar looks for .Jaguar, Suzuki Motor is seeking .Suzuki, Mitsubishi wants .Mitsubishi, Honda Motor has applied for .Honda, Hyundai Motor wants .Hyundai and Kia Motors looks for .Kia.

Other companies which have similar applications are Ally Financial, Bridgestone, Apple, American Express, McDonalds, Federal Express, besides the Republican State Leadership Committee (.GOP) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is seeking (.MIT).