GM Will Add 2,000 Employees in Michigan image

GM is expected to announce that it will add 2,000 new jobs, beginning with 1,500 at its new technology innovation center, located in Warren.

It is sure that the company will add the first 1,500 jobs to its new technology innovation center, but no information was given on where the rest of the jobs will be added. The state says that the innovation center is the first of three projects the automaker is expected to announce later today, for which it will invest $300 million. The state said that the company will not make a major investment in the information center, which will be located in an existing building on the Warren Tech Center campus.

The 1,500 employees will be hired in the following four years, with more than 30% of them being recent college graduates, part of GM’s recruiting initiative plan with southeastern Michigan colleges and universities.

“It’s an exciting step, and it’s a key element of what we’re trying to do to drive innovation and new capabilities for our businesses,” said Mott, who joined GM earlier this year after serving as chief information officer for Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.