GM Will Stop Releasing Monthly Production Data image

GM said from now on it will not report monthly production figures anymore to the automotive data providers.

According to Automotive News, GM told data and research providers Autodata Corp., Automotive News Data Center and IHS Automotive that it will no longer offer monthly production figures, adding that the company will provide figures for wholesale deliveries. GM, as many other automakers, offered monthly North American production data, broken out by individual models.

The US automaker said that the change comes as the company will apply a new policy which will make different the way it records financials for vehicles. Beginning with the first part of 2013, GM assigned profit and loss to the market in which a car was sold, and not the plant at which it was built. The company says that this makes production figures less critical to keep track of.

Automotive suppliers have already expressed their concerns regarding this move, saying that they are not sure how accurate the numbers will be or what the longer term fallout in the industry will be like. Until now, GM’s number have been used by many standard indicators of the US economic health, as well as those published by the Federal Reserve.

Source: Autoblog