GM Workers Strike in Brazil image

Thursday, July 12th, the worker union in Brazil voted to strike at a GM plant to protest against the company’s decision to stop production of Zafira minivans.

The Metalworkers Union of São Jose dos Campos said that if the company stops production of Zafira minivans 1,500 people will lose their jobs. The union ceased production for two hours at the Sao Jose dos Campos plant on Thursday morning, ahead of a meeting with labor ministry officials and GM executives.

“The meeting accomplished nothing. The company won’t make any assurances. They are cutting production here and want to shut down the whole assembly line,” Antonio Ferreira de Barros, the head of the union, said in a phone interview.

Although the union agreed to another meeting, it has already announced on Thursday its intent to strike within 48 hours. A senior vice president of GM told last week that its overall payroll in Brazil is growing as it prepares to make cuts at some plants but hire at others. He also added that the future of the Sao Jose dos Campos plant depends on the demand for the vehicles manufactured there, including the Chevrolet Zafira and Meriva minivans.