GMC Granite won’t hit the production line image

General Motors has recently announced that the GMC Granite will not be manufactured.

The model which should have taken the North American based automaker General Motors into the compact crossover segment, the GMC Granite, won’t catch the production line. The announcement has come from the head of department of small and compact vehicles within General Motors, Jim Federio, who said that even if this model had been well received, it won’t be anything more than a concept car and it won be assembled under the GMC badge. The General Motors official didn’t say anything about a possible reason for keeping the GMC Granite away from the production line, and we must admit that the model was quite appealing.

The GMC Granite had been officially presented to the public two years ago, at the 2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, and the model should have hit the market in 2013, but the car manufacturer didn’t approve a prototype based on it so it won’t be made. The GMC Granite had attracted the public at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show thanks to its rear doors which open in the opposite way and the versatile interior design. The “unique” doors have been implemented on the Opel Meriva, another small GM crossover, but the interior design remained in a concept stage.