GMC Sierra 3500HD Wins Best Overall HD Truck image

After towing 19.400 pound fifth-wheel trailers up and over some of the most demanding grades in the United States, the GMC Sierra 3500HD managed to win the Heavy Duty Hurt Locker comparison test.


“We procured similarly equipped trucks from Ford, Ram and GMC and put them through the paces, towing up and down some of the toughest grades in the country covering a total of 2.200 miles. When we analyzed the data, the GMC Sierra 3500HD simply outperformed the trucks form Ford and Ram”, said the editor of Mike Levine.

“Customers choose full-size trucks for their capabilities. For 2012, we built on the foundation we created in 2011, with engineering changes and additional validation designed to make the most capable heavy-duty pickup even better. Based on the test results, it looks like we got the job done”, said the vehicle line executive for full-size trucks, Rick Spina.

According to the official GMC website, the 2012 Sierra HD trucks come with a new navigation radio with enhanced display and a hard drive which is eliminating the need for discs with map data, along with OnStar, SiriusXM satellite radio, Bluetooth and USB connectivity.